Pharmacy Care Associates


Skilled Nursing Facility

With decades of experience in long term care, the professionals at PCA are always ready to provide accurate, easy-to-use tools to support your facility. We provide added value by offering professional training and development opportunities for your staff.

Assisted Living/​Specialty Care

PCA is committed to quality care of residents. Our compassionate, friendly staff offers valuable training through informative programs that boost competence and confidence. We’ll help your staff earn professional contact hours to further their career development and collaborate with you to meet your individual facility needs. To distinguish ourselves as supportive industry leaders, we offer such programs as:

  • Facility ready assessments both quarterly and annually
  • Medication management training
  • Annual in-service training on state-required topics
  • Ancillary support for related training such as ServSafe food safety, co-marketing strategies, technology synergies, CPR, etc.

Independent Living

For those residents who can manage their own medication regimen, PCA assists with a simple and clearly labeled pharmacy medication system that fits well within daily schedules and minimizes the hassle of managing medications.

At Home

The number of people who simply require ongoing medication at home is ever increasing. PCA continues to work closely with both hospitals and rehabilitation centers for a continued care approach to this growing resident need. We have developed a program to best assist transitional care, from the hospital to the rehabilitation center to your home. Our residents can fully rely on us for continual support.

Pharmacy Services

Prescription Processing

  • Clarify, if necessary, medication orders
  • Respond to emergency medication orders
  • Perform drug utilization review
  • Apply formulary/Preferred Drug List
  • Prepare computerized medical records for facilities (medication administration records, physician’s monthly order sheets, treatments records, etc.)
  • Intravenous and infusion therapy services

Dispensing and Delivery

  • Package medication in either traditional blister card dispensing or single or multi dose packaging solutions
  • Ensure proper labeling
  • Provide timely delivery
  • Maintain emergency kits, interim kits and floor stock
  • Daily delivery with backup pharmacy services available

Medication Administration and Management

  • Perform quality assurance checks
  • Supply state-of-the-art medication carts
  • Create proprietary pharmacy policies and procedures
  • Create timely facility and resident specific reports
  • Monthly Med-Pass audits focused on high risk opportunities
  • Attendance to interdisciplinary quality meetings
  • Prospective new admission screening assistance

Convenient and state-of-the-art

Pharmacy Care Associates provides a state-of-the art, competitively priced medication reminder program. With our Reminder Med, we customize our flexible and portable medication reminder program to suit your needs, 24/7.